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Get Area Code 540
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Area code 540 covers Northern Virginia, including Blacksburg

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Incomparable benefits of using virtual phone number over other communication system

You might be wondering why you have to select or get a business phone number. Although the costs are little, the rewards are unparalleled.

We know how challenging your days are if you operate a business. Due to the inconveniences and stress of your enterprises, you frequently find it difficult to spend time with your family.

But, we assure you that you will get alleviation from these additional problems. After you purchase a phone number from us and put it to use for your company, you will always be updated on business affairs without having to remain in your cabin or place of employment.

because any device with an internet connection may obtain virtual phone numbers. With your staff, we may conduct meetings through the internet. Hence, there is absolutely no problem whether you go on a tour or just relax at home. Keep the call open throughout the day and night to stay updated.

What are the major cities in the 540 area code

Some reputed and big cities in this area

Albemarle County, Allegheny County, Augusta County, Bath County, Bedford County, Botetourt County, Buena Vista City County, Caroline County, larke County, Covington City County ,Craig County, Culpeper County ,Fauquier County and Floyd County. There are more counties under the 540 area code.

Our service is really problem solver

Our service comes with a host of extra advantages not found with conventional phone systems, all at a competitive price compared to other service providers. This distinguishes us from other virtual technology companies and makes us the top choice. Are you curious to find out more? Get on reading.

Best companies in this 540 area

These are some of the companies which are running their businesses at a great pace, you can do this too. Just buy a phone number from us.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp
General Dynamics Corp
Northrop Grumman Corp
Capital One Financial Corp
Dollar Tree Stores Inc
Separate your occupation and personal life and relax at home

Without being confined to a workstation to make or receive legacy phone calls, spend valuable time with your loved ones wherever you are, either at home or on a trip. With our service, your phone serves as your desk phone, and all you need to use to access it is an Android device. The best feature of our service is that it makes it simple for you to stay in touch with your company even while you’re on the move. Take that tour and reroute your calls to maintain easy contact.

Enjoy the free features and make your business life easy

You can record the calls and can analyze them when needed. You are getting the files instantly after recording the call.

Set call waiting and don’t let any call to be missed from your customers.

Direct the calls through different channels like your employees or team members.

Set a single number in different devices for different team members.

Buy a single area code and phone number for only 4.99$ per month but run a cold calling agency .

Only our company guarantees 99.99% uptime in calling service.

Free features that come with the phone number

We have multiple free features which can make your business more comfortable.

You will get the facilities like

Call directing

Call recording


Free cloud PBX

Call forwarding

24/7 Support

Why you should buy a virtual phone number

The cost of a virtual phone number each month is about $4.99. This can carry out all function of vintage phones.

Like landlines, you will have access to several channels. Yet the price is quite inexpensive.

You won't need to rely on third parties to fix or maintain the line because there is no hardware configuration.

It works the same as landlines, but there are no wires involved because your Android device will act as the phone.

Have you decided to buy a virtual phone number

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